Monday, November 21, 2011

Mother Daughter Weekend in San Diego was time for our much anticipated Mother Daughter trip to San Diego, CA! We were all looking forward to a relaxing weekend, just hanging out, eating great, no schedules to follow, fun, quality time spending weekend. And that is exactly what happened! We started off our trip in San Diego, drove to a very famous restaurant called George's for lunch. We had reservations for rooftop dining..but out of the 6 days a year it rains in San Diego...this was one. We still scored a GREAT table on the patio with a view of the ocean. Had a fabulous lunch and then headed up to Temecula Valley where we were going to spend the next day and a half.

We were exhausted from our trip...but not too tired to go see Old Town Temecula. We visited some shops, did a little exploring, ran in the rain and then finally headed back to our resort. We were exhausted from traveling, so we checked in, changed into our jammies, ordered room service and went to be by 9pm! was 11pm Texas time! :)

Our early night resulted in an early morning. We had breakfast at the resort overlooking the beautiful golf course and got ready for our limo tour through the valley and to some vineyards. We visited Leonesse, Weins, and Hart, Robert Renzoni and Wilson Creek. They were all beautiful and unique in their own ways. We had a great time! Finished the day off with pizza in Old Town!

Monday we had another wonderful breakfast at the resort and drove on in to San Diego..for Massage Muffin Monday at the Del. Pampering was much needed and we were all mush afterwards. Took a stroll on the beach, toured the fabulous hotel and sat out on the pier and talked. Since we were in San Diego...we just had to go to a great seafood place. And that we did! Top of the Market - best halibut I have ever had! Beautiful place, right on the water and we had such a great time. Afterwards, we sat by the fire on the pier talking until bedtime.

Tuesday we walked to a cute bagel shop for breakfast, walked on the beach one last time and headed to Seaport Village for a little shopping before catching our flight. We had an incredible trip, made wonderful memories and look forward to the next one! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother and sister who are my best friends!! Love you both!!! Now - here come the pics!!


Kimberly said...

ohh how i wish we could go back again soon! i think i am still on slight vacation brain. eeek! love you sister!

Ryan said...

No mention of how much you missed your amazing husband and son? That's just rude. I'm boycotting this blog. Considered it blocked on my computer.

Grimes Life said...

Ryan, she told me she couldn't wait to get home to see her boys, that counts! Great post, so glad y'all had such a fun getaway with your mom, love you!!

mkflickner said...

Looks like fun and I thought your "wine" was hilarious :). Gotta introduce Gentry to the great girl life awaiting her :)!

Heather said...

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Heather said...
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