Thursday, April 28, 2011

10 Months

Can it blond haired, blue eyed, super smiley, crawling all over the place, free-standing, 5 toothed, giggling, silly, funny face making, pacifier loving, sleeping through the night, table food eating, motorboat/raspberry making, squealing, puts everything in my mouth, BABY boy is 10 months old?? It just doesn't seem possible. Words cannot express how deep my love is for this little guy..I love him so much it hurts!


Ashley said...

I cannot believe he is standing all by himself! This pictures are so adorable!

Grimes Life said...

No, it shouldn't be 10 months, and he shouldn't be standing and doing all this big boy stuff! sure is fun watching them learn to do some many new things all the time! :) Love that Gage boy! :)