Thursday, November 4, 2010


At Gage's 4 month appointment last week, the Pediatrician gave us the ok for cereal and baby food! Gage did NOT like the cereal at first, and I was worried. We have been working with him everyday tryingto get him used to a different taste and texture, other than milk. We added bananas to the cereal and he is doing great, eating every bite! Here are a few pics from the first night.

Humm..that looks interesting... What is this you are putting in my mouth??
I'm not sure I like this...

Mom - why are you doing this to me?
I'll show you...Get that outta here! Got milk?


Ashley said...

Oh Kristy, I just LOVE these pictures!!!!

Grimes Life said...

oh so cute, love the commentary!
Glad he is liking those nanners and ceral better now!! :)

Kimberly said...

love that little babe and you so much sis!! I miss him!!!!

C:M:W said...

Whitt hated it too (at first).... then he started LOVING it. Yeah Gage!