Friday, August 6, 2010

First Road Trip

Last week Gage and I took our first road trip, and he did great! He just loves his car seat and slept the entire time. We left Monday morning for Beaumont and stayed there all week. Friday we drove over to Houston to meet Kim and Ryan at the Wetherell's for a fun weekend. We had a wonderful time in Beaumont visiting family, friends and just hanging out...we can't wait to get back!!

Went spent Tuesday in Spurger at my grandparents farm. Nanaw cooked a wonderful meal and we just got to enjoy each other all day. They sure loved getting to meet their great grandson!!

Hanging with his Pop after a long day!!

4 Generations!!

My cousin Cortney had twin boys 6.5 weeks before Gage was born. Will, Andy and Gage are going to have so much fun growing up together!!!! Here we are with our boys!!!

Just thought this was so cute of Gage!

Will, Gage and Andy!!!

The Boys

My other cousin Lindsey and her husband Patrick came to visit Gage too!

Just a playing!

On Saturday Ryan and Andy took the boys for a few hours while we shopped around and got pedicures. It was weird being away from Gage for a few hours, but I definitely enjoyed myself!
Here is Mr. Mom!!!

Ryan, Gage, Whitt and Andy!

Pooped out on the way home from his big trip! Sweet boy!!!


C:M:W said...

it was so fun driving with you and gage "almost" to Beaumont and LOVED having yall at our house. Come back soon!!!!

mattandlinz said...

I love the pictures of Ryan and Andy with the boys!! So cute :)

Kim Soto said...

Such great pics!! Love him and YOU!