Thursday, June 24, 2010

40 Weeks - Still no Gage

Today is June 24, Gage's due date, and he has yet to make his appearance! I am feeling great, but just so ready to meet our little guy!! If he doesn't decide to come tonight, we will go to the dr tomorrow to get checked and she will also do a sonogram to make sure everything is still ok for him in there. If he doesn't decide to come over the weekend, we go back to the dr on Monday to get checked and will be induced on Tuesdsay. So - we will for sure have him in 5 days, but we are hoping and praying for sooner than that!!

We have a great family friend who is a physician in Fredericksburg, and he has always said that babies tend to come on full moons. Saturday night at 11:31 pm is the full moon for this month....keep your fingers crossed, we are going to count our lucky stars!!!!

Here I am - full term at 40 weeks!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Future Yankee Fan???

So, if you know Ryan, you obviously know he is a HUGE new York Yankee fan. Ryan came home with these this week for Gage. He ordered them off and I thought it was super adorable. #1 because Ryan doesn't shop ever, and #2 because they were so cute and thoughtful. Just shows how excited he is for Gage to join our little family!! Can't wait to see the little guy in these!!!

My parents went to NYC this winter and came back with this shirt, among other Yankee things, for Gage. Ryan says Gage is coming home from the hospital in this shirt..we are still in debate about it. But - Ryan says that if Gage can't come home in it, we are taking it on a hanger to hang in the hospital room. Haha! Its definitely packed in our bag...hanger and all!!! Thanks Cac and Pop!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nursery Pictures!!

When we found out for sure we were having a boy, the search for the perfect nursery bedding/decor was on. I knew that I wanted to do vintage and baseball, but could not find exactly the right thing. So - the next step was finding fabrics, and putting them together to make the perfect bedding. My mom, sister and I found the fabrics and I had the bedding custom made. The curtains my mom ended up making..aren't the fabulous!!! And the chair, found at an estate sale for $30, was recovered as well. The navy pieces, my mom found on the side of the road. She sanded, painted, changed the hardware and made them look amazing. Ryan has a million old baseball cards he collected when he was little, so I wanted to do something creative with them. We decided to deco-podge an old shelf, to use as a bookshelf in the nursery. Then, what to do about the 'G'. We got a piece of plywood cut, did the same thing with the baseball cards, screwed in the baseballs, and framed it out. Whew - talk about a labor of love. I just love how the nursery turned out. Hope you like it too!!!

Gage's current home....38 weeks
And is soon to be home in just 11 days!!!!