Thursday, May 20, 2010

35 Weeks!!

Wow, can it already be 35 weeks..only 5 to go?!?! Gage will be here before we know it, and I can't wait! We have been doing some nesting around the house, and getting prepared for his arrival. His nursery is almost complete, and I will post pics very soon. Just one little project to complete and then his room will be ready for him to come home too!! I am feeling great..just ready to meet this little guy!!! He moves ALL the time...lately the past few days he is moving non-stop! I think he is getting cramped in there and ready to come out and meet us!!!!! Gage is about the size of a honey dew melon this week and packing on the pounds weekly!!!! Sorry I can't post a belly pic, Ryan is currently out of the country with our camera.

He is in northern England for 8 days with the DBU men and women's tennis teams. They left Monday afternoon and will return this Tuesday. They are working in local schools and churches, teaching tennis and sharing the gospel. This is the 4th mission trip Ryan has been on with DBU athletic teams, its just so amazing to me the wonderful opportunities he has been able to expericence.

Funny story - you will get a kick out of this!!

Yesterday Ryan emailed me and was telling me about his trip. He said that the girls LOVE him and his accent and want him to talk all the time. They ate at the middle school cafeteria yesterday and a group of 13 year old girls asked him to sit with them. He said they talked about Twilight, Justin Bieber and they asked him if he wore mascara!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA...I was
CRACKING up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mom is coming up to stay this weekend and we have lots planned!!! Brunch, shopping, and all sorts of fun stuff!!!


Ashley said...

I cannot wait to meet this baby boy!

C:M:W said...

So so fun! Hurry Gage Hurry!

Rach said...

That cracks me up!!!!!!!!! Ryan does have pretty eyelashes! :)

Can't wait to meet Gage! Love you!

Grimes Life said...

HAHHHAAAA!! Cracking up about the mascara! I bet Gage will get those awesome lashes too! :) Can't wait to meet the little guy in just 5 weeks or LESS! So glad we are doing all this together! LOVE YOU!

Dylan and Christina said...

How fun! I can't believe you are so close! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery, you and Gage! By the way, LOVE the new blog design! :) Miss you!!!

Rach said...

Love the new blog design!!! Super cute! Love you more!