Friday, March 19, 2010

Erwin Update

So, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I have been meaning to post, but have been super busy with work, and it seems like there is a baseball game every night of the week these days! I am 26 weeks pregnant and feeling great. I had my final iron infusion yesterday (hopefully) making that a total of 12 treatments. Gage is moving so much and I love to feel him..he has even kicked Ryan a few times!! This weekend I am heading home to Beaumont for my first shower and I am super excited. Ryan and I close on our houses one week from today, so next weekend we will be moving into our new home. Now I can finally start setting up the nursery!! YAY!!! Lots of fun things to come, and I will be sure to post about them all. For now, here are a few belly pics, one of our new house, and some other randomness!! Enjoy!!

21 Weeks

My friend Lindsey and I - Lindsey is 25 weeks and I am 22 weeks

Lindsey 26 weeks and Me 23 weeks

25 Weeks

Ryan, Kim and I at the Stars game last Friday

Kim and Bleu Belle at our house for dinner

Our new residence in 1 WEEK!!!!


Rach said...

You are SUCH a cute preggo!!! I love it and you! Can't wait to see you and rub that sweet belly!!! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new house! It is beautiful!!! I hope your shower is great and you guys get a ton of great stuff! I'm so excited that you are finally having a baby of your own! Wow, I am just so excited about you and all the things going on in your life! Love you friend!!!

C:M:W said...

I cant wait to see you in Beaumont at your SHOWER!!!!!

Cathy said...

Love the house! and the belly pics! Congratulations! You and Ryan will be wonderful parents and you will have the most awesome aunt for Gage! Love you all.

Grimes Life said...

You are super cute with that belly! Love the pics in progress!! Can't wait to see the house too! The pics are great and I am sure it will only be better in person!! YAY for the Erwin Update! :)

Dylan and Christina said...

Your new house looks beautiful!!! You'll have to post more when you get all moved in! Yay for you guys!!