Thursday, February 11, 2010

It is confirmed....B - O - Y

Friday morning my parents, Kim, Amanda, Ryan and I headed over to the hospital to find out the sex of Baby E. We had a sonogram at 13 weeks and the sono tech was pretty sure it was a boy, but not 100 percent. So, we get to the Dr's office and they moved our whole group into a room to wait for the doctor. Everyone got to meet Dr. Westerholm and we had a great conversation...I just love her! We went to the sonogram room and the tech got to work. We got to see all the little parts of the baby, hear the heartbeat, see his brain, and finally discover that he is in fact a boy!! We were all so excited!!!

My mom and sister made pink and blue cupcakes that were at HIT at the doctor's office. I am so happy they were all able to do this with Ryan and I....its truly amazing!! I will post pictures once Kim and Amanda send them to me...they are on their cameras.

We have decided on a name. We will be welcoming Gage Ryan Erwin this June!!!!!

Let the fun begin!!!!!


Cummings Fam said...

Congratulations! I am so excited for you guys! Love the name! :)

wetherell said...
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wetherell said...

The Wetherells cant wait for baby Gage... Whitt is waiting on his BFF!!!

Kim Soto said...

Gage and Brenley sitting in a tree...(but dont tell Bobby!) hehe