Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby E likes Taco Bell!!

On Tuesday, January 26th I felt baby E move for the FIRST time!!! I had just gotten home from a long day at work, a good 2 mile walk at DBU and running through the drive through at Taco Bell. I make my way over to the couch and turn on the TV for American Idol. Then I begin to devour my Nachos Bell Grande and 2 crunchy tacos from the bell. Yes, I actually ordered the meal which comes with ONE taco, but decided that I needed ordered a second one!! After eating that in record time, I lay back on the couch to take in my much anticipated reality tv. While watching, I felt the smallest of nudging in my lower belly 4 times. I was sitting there saying to myself, 'I know this is not gas...its baby E!!!!' I immediately text Ryan since he was in Grapevine at a flag football game and we were both so excited!!! What an amazing really be able to tell your baby is growing! I know that I am definitely growing, but reality definitely set in, and I have been feeling Baby E move everyday and I just LOVE it!

I will be 20 weeks on Thursday...halfway through my pregnancy and I can't believe how fast its going!! My parents are coming up Thursday night to go with us to the gender sonogram on Friday and I can't wait. I took Friday off to do some much needed shopping for the baby!!!

Can't wait to share with you the sex of Baby E!!!!


The Ward Family said...

This all is so excited. I'm glad you're feeling better and enjoying being pregnant. Can't wait to hear what you're having. Love, Holly

Rach said...

How exciting!!!! Isn't it the best feeling ever!!??!!?? I can't wait till Friday...I will find out Friday, right????

Everything Erwin said... will find out Friday for sure!!! YAY!!!

Grimes Life said...

Ahhh, the best feeing EVER!! SO excited for you to find out Friday if Gage is still Gage! :) Only 2 more days! Woohoo!!

wetherell said...

Cant wait!!!!

Reneau said...

Kristy! I love you soooo much! You are my bestest friend on the planet. I am so happy that you are feeling your sweet little baby (who we prayed for for so long) move all around in your tummy! It's an amazing reminder of just how AMAZING our Lord is!! Love you, Ryan, and Baby E!!

Dylan and Christina said...

SOOO excited for you guys and reading this puts the biggest smile on my face! There is nothing better in the world than that feeling!!! Can't wait to see you!