Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday in Korea

The boys playing Kyung Hee University.

At our authentic Korean lunch...sitting on the floor with no shoes!!!

Ryan with his new Korean buddy..a market store owner.

Jennifer, Emma and I on the street with hand painted, authentic Korean fans.

Monday, October 5th
After a good nights sleep, we started Monday morning at 10:00 AM with shopping at a Korean market in Seoul The teams were able to experience authentic Korean culture here with shops lining the streets, the entire group was able to interact and carry on conversations with storekeepers and many locals from the city of Seoul.

Because of the size of the group, we had to spilt up and eat lunch at different restaurants. Ryan and I got the best experience in my book...authentic Korean food! We had to take our shoes off, sit on the floor and use chopsticks for lunch...it was amazing! This was so great to be able to participate in the real culture, and the food was amazing to boot!!

That afternoon was the very anticipated basketball game against Kyung Hee University, a well respected university in South Korea. We arrived at the university to be amazed by the size and stature of the schools architecture.

After a friendly exchange of cultural gifts and handshakes the game was ready to begin. Unfortunately, we lost, but it was a great experience for the team!

Korean style barbeque was on the menu for dinner. Everybody enjoyed a great feast where loads of meat was cooked for the group “fondue” style on grills that were inset into each table. Side dishes included radish, rice, pasta salad, lettuce wraps, and kim chi (a type of cabbage that is served with almost every dish in Korea). It was a great experience for everyone!! What a great day!!!!


Kimberly said...

That pic of Ryan and the shop owner is hilarious and so like him. He is so crazy!!! You are prob sleeping now and will wake up on Wed morning...so crazy!! Miss y'all :)