Thursday, October 8, 2009

Final Full Day in Seoul

DBU vs Chung Ang Univ
The Basketball team and Cheerleaders at Central Christian

Thursday morning began with breakfast at the hotel before traveling to Central Christian Academy. While spending the morning at the academy, both the Basketball team and Cheerleading squad guided elementary age Korean students in a large clinic consisting of 80 boys and 80 girls.

The children at the basketball clinic played many games, led by the Patriot Basketball Team, who also taught them the fundamentals of basketball.

The Lady Patriots taught the Korean students a DBU Patriots Cheer along with many types of cheerleading techniques during the clinic. At the end of the clinic, the girls performed the cheer they learned for the students that were in the basketball clinic. Both the players and cheerleaders were very popular at the clinic, with it ending in a small autograph session for the children!

Lunch was served in the cafeteria at Central Christian Academy where we were served baked chicken and sausage with rice and fruit. It was a good meal that revitalized our taste for American food.

After lunch, the basketball team was set to play their third and final game of the trip at 4:00 PM. We arrived at Chung Ang University early and were met with yet another beautiful Korean college campus.

The game began quickly with both teams shooting the ball well. At halftime, the Patriots led by a mere three points, but came up just short losing 107-106.

After the game, the final dinner in South Korea was at a Korean style barbeque restaurant, where the group was served pork, rice, kim chi, and many other authentic Korean side dishes.

Friday morning we are scheduled to attend early morning prayer service at a local church at 6:00 AM, then will be traveling back to Dallas. Our flight is scheduled to leave from Seoul, South Korea at 2:00 PM and we will arrive at DFW a little after 4:00 PM (on Friday too, so weird), after a layover in San Francisco.


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