Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 4 in Korea

Ryan and I sharing some delicious Sushi at the coolest Sushi restaurant ever. The plates just rotated around the bar area and you just picked your choice until you were full. So hip and fab.

Ryan with a new hat and goggles in the marketplace.

Ryan and I in the marketplace, trying to get some good shopping in.

This is me playing with one of the adorable home school children at the clinic. I think I need to adopt a Korean child, I am in love.

Wednesday morning started at 9:00 AM as the group headed to a local park in the center of Seoul to perform a clinic for the Global Home Schooling Academy. The academy was operated by the Global Mission Church and was comprised of elementary age children. Both the basketball team and cheerleading squad were able to give offer clinics for over three hours.

After the clinic, we traveled across the city for lunch that was provided by the Global Mission Church at a Korean style restaurant. We had the opportunity to experience a traditional meal called “shabu-shabu,” which is a “fondu” style meal including vegetable, dumplings, noodles, and lean beef cooked in a broth on each table. While eating, the group was required to sit on the floor at small tables, with their shoes removed. It was very interesting and fun, but not the most comfortable for some of the bigger guys, or unflexible ones like Ryan.

After lunch, we were invited to tour the Far East Broadcast Company(FEBC), where we experienced a tour of the broadcasting complex and learned about its history. The FBEC is a broadcasting hub that airs Christian radio and sermons throughout the eastern hemisphere including China, Japan, and Russia, mainly illegally and against the permission of the foreign governments.

The afternoon was filled with shopping at one of the largest markets in downtown Seoul. Hundreds of small shops lined the streets, similar to a flea market, where we were able to interact with the local vendors to buy souvenirs. After dinner at a food court in one of the downtown malls, we traveled to “Seoul Station” to minister to the homeless individuals by providing them with a small meal to show the love of God in a special way.

After another long day, we hit the hay at around midnight with a full day of activities planned for our final, full day in Korea. We are having a blast and taking lots of pictures.


The Ward Family said...

Kristy, that little girl is so cute. I'm glad you're having such a great time. Miss you!