Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Castles, Cathedrals and the Coast

London Eye
Canterbury Cathedral
Leed's Castle

Bright and early, we hit the ground running today!  We left the b&b at 7:15 am to catch our tour bus for the day.  First stop was Leed's castle.  This castle was built in 1050 and its first resident was Henry III.  It was passed down through a number of others, including Henry VIII!!  Close your eyes and picture what you think a Medieval Castle would look like.  I am pretty sure you are thinking the giant castle, with a drawbridge and a moat, flags flying from the top that look like crowns...well, you just imagined Leed's Castle!!  It was everything I have seen in history, in the movies and imagined in my mind.  It was fascinating!  It had 24 rooms, wine cellar, library, dining hall, painting rooms, and many others.  It was really unbelievable and almost surreal to walk through something that is almost 1000 years old!  Leed's was phenomenal!!

Back to the bus for a tour down to the English Channel.  We were able to get out on the pebble beach in front of Dover Castle and the White Cliffs of Dover.  This is the start of the English Channel between Great Britain and France.  It was cold, foggy and misty down on the coast...exactly what you would picture!!!

Next stop was Canterbury Cathedral.  Before we toured the Cathedral, we had a most popular English meal, fish and chips.  It was delish!  We made our way toward the 12th century Gothic Cathedral where St. Thomas Abeckett was killed by Henry VIII, and then became a martyr for Christian people.  This castle just blew my mind.  The hours, months and years it took to construct this immaculate building is just incomprehensible.  Seeing the intricate stained glass and carved stone and marble, is more than one can fathom.  Words cannot describe...

Leaving the Cathedral, we arrived in Greenwich, which houses the Royal Navy Barracks, Maritime Museum and other interests.  We toured the Navy Mess Hall and stood at the Prime Meridian 0 Longitude.  How cool to be at zero longitude?!?!  After a quick stop in Greenwich, we rode a catamaran under the Tower Bridge and the famous London Bridge.  After docking at the London Eye WHARF (ware house at river front..we learned this today!!!) we actually went of the giant ferris wheel called London Eye and were able to see the city of London from a 360, couple of hundred feet high view.  It was breathtaking. 

We caught the train home and relaxed at the house to unwind from our long day of eventful sightseeing! 


DameyDonelle said...

Sounds like an amazing trip so far!!! I still can't believe you are on the other side of the world! Haha!!! Keep having a blast!!!
P.s. Glad I got to skype with you for a little bit today!!

Miss you!

The Ward Family said...

Keep all the pictures, inforamtion, and history of everything coming. I'm loving it.
The castle looks amazing.
Love you,

Grimes Life said...

Great post! Love the pics! Keep em coming! Sure you missed you today at Jon's bday lunch, amongst all the 17 men, I was the only girl! ha! I was just asking Ryan about you today, and he said y'all had a late night last night, so glad you posted today! Loves!

Reba Trapp said...

I'm LOVING reading about your trip!!! Thanks for taking the time to post :) Your pics are amazing too.


Ryan said...

Guess I am not missed. Not one single word about your very handsome husband. How sad? BTW, when did you get such a big vocabulary? I didn't know you had that in you from good ole BISD.

whitney said...

I am LOVING the posts from across the pond!! Looks like you are having so much fun, wish I was there. Tell CAC and Kimmers that I said hello :)

jgs said...

poor Ryan... I was wondering when Kristy would mention that she wished her husband was there with her... but no... just a bunch of Kim and Cac...

nice pics! My family used to live in Leed's castle... kinda funny you got to visit there! You should have let me know... I could have gotten you all a private tour.

wetherell said...

Look at all these comments... see the results you get when you post. I love the updates, keep them coming. I am sitting on your couch as I type this. We miss you. Tell Cac and sis HI!!!!!Love.