Wednesday, May 27, 2009

As I promised!!!

And here it is....the update from our Memorial Day weekend in Fred!!! Fred seems to be the only thing I blog about, so I will try to get better and post more frequently! Don't hold me too accountable to that :)

Kim and I drove down with Bleu Belle and Jeter (in her car, which was interesting) Friday after work. We finally got to Fred around 9:30pm and were so anxious to see the cabin. Mom, Dad and Honey greeted us, gave a tour, we chatted for a bit and then crashed. Ryan was at the deer lease and drove over Saturday morning to hang the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was a little rainy, so the girls went into town to do some know we always have to get that in!! Mom cooked us a big hearty meal for lunch and we just hung out the rest of the afternoon. Dad and Ryan were burning some brush piles and tending to the fires so they wouldn't get out of control. That night we decided to go Dancin' in Luckenbach. Willie Nelson's daughter, Paula Nelson, was performing and she was really great!

Sunday was our work day out on the ranch. Mom had started laying a stone rock path from the side porch on the cabin to the back porch, and wanted to make it wrap all the way around to the front porch. So, we all put on our boots and gloves, loaded up the mule and tractor with rocks and worked the puzzle until it was finished!! It looks so great now!! After our long day of labor, we went into town to grab a bite to eat before the Bankers and Garners (neighbors) came over for a fun evening. We hung out on the porch, had snacks and drinks, played washers and entertained the dogs.

It really was a fabulous weekend...there's just something about Fredericksburg that we can't get enough of!!!!


Kimberly said...

OMfreakinG!! HAHA! I can't believe you actually made a blog post. What is it now, 4 this year!?!? Fred was so fun!!!

wetherell said...

I will second KIm, I was shocked!!!!!!! Fred is FUN!!!!!

Grimes Life said...

I will THIRD that! Love all the pics! Now, can you post weekly!!

whitney kelly photography said...

Hiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I found your blog :) It made me smile soooo big! I love the pictures. I wish I was there. Lukenbach looked so fun, and the fam looked so cute in cowboy hats...especially curlicarole!

Cathy said...

I am not sure Gary could put the ok on those crooked edges on the rock walk! haha Of course, you could tell him to do it himself if he thinks he could do better. Looked like lots of hard work to me. You did great! Great place to make those memories! Wish it was closer to Whitney, then we might could be neighbors.