Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weekend in Fred

This past weekend Ryan, Kim, Joel and I headed down to Fredericksburg. We left late after work Thursday night and made the 4 hour drive to the beautiful hill country. My parents cabin is almost done and we had to transport for my mom, the couch and both beds she bought in Dallas for the cabin. Friday we slept in a little, went out to the ranch, rode around on the mule, played washers, took picture on a steer in Luckenbach, went to a winery and just had the best day! Ryan and Joel headed to San Antonio around 5:30pm to watch the DBU basketball team play. Saturday was another wonderful day of hanging out, shopping and all that fun stuff. Saturday night was a treat, my parents, Kim and I and their neighbors went to Rosehill Manor...the most beautiful home turned into a bed and breakfast with the most incredible meal I have had in a long time! It was fabulous!! Coming back Sunday afternoon was very hard...I could stay in Fred forever!!!


wetherell said...

Yall are such cowboys!!!!

jgs said...

Where's my picture!!!