Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ryan in Peru

Ryan has been in Lima, Peru all week with the DBU Lady Patriot Vollyball and Soccer teams. They are doing mission work in orphanages as well as playing games against the Peruvian National Volleyball and Soccer teams. Ryan sent me these pictures today and I just wanted to share them. He says the girls are having a blast and are loving every minute...I am super jealous and would love to be there with him, but someone has to make the money right?? Ha ha! Anyways, the teams and Ryan come back Friday and I am ready for him to be back. There is a daily blog posting on the DBU website of what they have been doing everyday. If you get a minute, check out the site and see how these young Christian women are affecting the lives of the children and people of Peru!!!


wetherell said...

Great pics of Peru... I want to be there also!!!

Grimes Life said...

WAY TO GO updating the BLOG!! So proud!! Love all the pics and Ryan looks too cute with the kiddos, i bet that was a fun trip!