Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Vacation in Kauai

So, I am here to talk about our FABULOUS vacation to Kauai. We left Sunday May 25th and flew 8 hours to the beautiful island of Kauai. Ryan, Kim and I flew with some family friends and met my parents in Oahu. From there we took a little flight to Kauai and drove to our condos.

This day was very relaxing. We basically hung out at the beach all day and got used to the 5 hour time change. We did a little snorkeling, boogie boarding and sun bathing. Mom and Dad went to the open air market and got all the fresh pineapple we could eat...DELISH!!

Woke up with the sound of the waves crashing in at 6:00am...that jet lag was killer. Not to worry, mom had fresh Kona Coffee brewing every morning and we drank coffee and watched the sun rise on our balcony. We headed up the island to the Napali coast, stopping to see a waterfall on the way. We had a great lunch and then went on a 4 mile hike up the rocky Napali Coast. Well, technically I only hiked 2 miles....I got really tired and mom, Gina and I turned around half way while the others make the other 2 mile trek. We went back to snorkel in the cove and saw some amazing fish!

Started the day off with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and then headed off to our kayak/hike to a waterfall excursion. We kayaked 2.5 miles and hiked 1 mile to a beautiful waterfall. It was so fun to stand under the falls and have them pouring on top of you...they were really powerful! then we had lunch and hiked the mile back to our kayaks and headed down the river another 2.5 miles. We had a GREAT time. That night we all experienced a LUAU and those hula dancers really know how to move!!! Mom and Ryan both got up on stage and tried to shake it with them...we were all impressed!

Thursday morning we snorkeled and swam around our condo. The baseball team made the Regional Tournament, so Ryan had to leave early and fly back to Dallas. We took him to the airport and did a little island exploring after we said 'Aloha' to him. We discovered this great open air market in Kapaa and did a little shopping. We had dinner at this great Hawaiian BBQ place right on the water...it was beautiful!

SURF'S UP!!!! All the kiddos, minus Ryan :( took surfing lessons Friday morning. We had such a blast, but it was SO HARD! We definitely caught some good waves, but it was a serious arm workout! I am so glad we did it....not many people can say they have surfed Hawaii!!! After surfing lessons were over, we went to this remote place in the middle of a sugar cane plantation and hiked down to a waterfall where we cliff jumped and did a rope swing. I was SUPER scared at first, and didn't want to do it, but made myself and it was the most exhilarating experience ever!!! That night we went into town and ate at this great Italian restaurant and had the best ice cream afterwards!!

Saturday morning we had to leave our condo's at 6am to drive down and catch a catamaran for a 6 hour excursion along the Napali Coast. This was the most incredible, unbelievable, breath taking thing we did all week. Words cannot express how beautiful this coast was! We saw tons of spinner dolphins and sea turtles on the excursion. We saw beaches that were only accessible by boat and places where Jurassic Park and other movies were filmed. We had a great lunch on the boat and snorkeled in a beautiful cove. That night we ate at the Beach House for dinner and I had some of the best Mahi Mahi I have ever tasted. It was macadamia nut crusted and oh so delicious!!!!

Sunday we went to Pearl Harbor, which was really neat. We saw an amazing video and took a boat over to the USS Arizona, the ship that is still sunk in the waters. After that we drove along Waikiki Beach and ended up at this amazing hotel, having brunch and watching dolphins play. We took a nap and then headed back to the airport to make the 8 hour journey home.

There was so much more that happened, it would take me days to write about! We had the best time in Kauai and it was a much needed vacation. All I have to say, is that if you can ever make it to Hawaii.....Kauai is the place to go! You will have the time of your life, just like we did. Can we go back!?!?!?!?!?