Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrating the 4th in Fredericksburg

For the 4th of July, we loaded up the Expedition with 3 adults and 2 pups and headed down to my parents ranch in Fredericksburg, TX! We left Friday morning and got to the ranch around noonish to meet my parents and their pup Scout. We fixed sandwiches and rode around on the mule exploring the property. Mom, Kim and I headed into town to do a little shopping and left the dogs, Dad and Ryan to work out on the land. We ate dinner at Mamacitas and watched fire works with some friends.

Saturday Dad and Ryan headed out to the ranch early to work on clearing more land. They are such hard workers! Mom, Kim and I headed into town and went to some of our favorite shops...we work real hard too!! :) Then we headed out to the ranch to fix the boys lunch and give them a break. That afternoon we went to Woodrose and Becker vinyards, listend to some live music and had a great time! Then we all went swimming at the hotel and got ready to do some boot scootin' in Luckenbock. Dad twirled all his girls around the dancefloor and Ryan just watched....he isn't much of a country dancer. We had a really fun time!!

Sunday we all worked out on the land, clearing out cedar trees, vines from trees and all other kinds of stuff. I know what you are thinking...there is no proof in the pictures that I was working on the land.....but somebody had to be the photographer...right????? :)

We had a great weekend for sure! I LOVE getting to spend time with my family and playing and working on the land is so much fun! Hope everyone had a FABULOUS 4th just like we did!!!


Kimberly said...

hahah! I was thinking while I watched the slideshow how you didn't look to be working hard..good thing you cleared that up :) love you sis!

Rach said...

What fun you had! Yea, I'd be the one to take pictures too! :) When you said you had a mule, I was thinking donkey! ha!!! Glad you guys had a great 4th! Can't wait to come visit Fred (when the work is all done)! :)

Reneau said...

Kristy, I loveeeeeeee these pics!! Love your's and Kim's dresses!!

Dylan and Christina said...

Hi!! Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one! P.S. I just joined the rest of the gonna accept me as your friend? :)