Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missing Ryan

Well, this week I have been a Bachelorette...and now I am ready to have my husband come back home! Ryan has been in Boston all week at NCAA meetings for work and I have been here all by my lonesome...well not exactly...I had the pups to keep me company! Thank goodness for Bleu Belle and Jeter!! I have been keeping myself busy while he has been away. Monday Kim (lil sis) came over after work and we had breakfast for dinner!! Waffles with strawberries and cool whip..delish! We watched our shows, One Tree Hill...which was so great and Greek. Tuesday I went to dinner with Jen, sushi, LOVE IT! And did a little know me!! Yesterday I got my hair done and today I am heading out to the Trapp's for a little get together.

The week has gone by pretty fast, and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and I get to see my Rich..I just love that man so much!


Kimberly said...

you are becoming such the frequent poster...way to go and keep it up!!! mini