Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Hey guys....this is for all of you who are ESPECIALLY sick and tired of seeing Betty Crocker....Rachel and Ashley!! :) Don't you just LOVE my new header!??! My good friend Ashley Williams designed it for me...she's into this digital scrapbooking fun and has inspired me to start blogging again. Or really....just begin since I have only had 3 posts!!! Haha!! So, I am really going to do and update you with what is going on in the life of the Erwins since I know you all care so much!!

I am heading to Beaumont this weekend...haven't been home since that not RIDICULOUS?!?! I am super excited and will tell all about it on my next post!!! Until then.......


Rachel Erin said...

HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the header and LOVE LOVE that you blogged! No more Betty!! :) Miss you guys and look foward to seeing you at the Soto shindig! LOVE YOU!

wetherell said...

how long are we going to see "Im Baaaack"
Blog.... sister Blog!!!!!