Friday, May 23, 2008

Bon Voyage!!

Well I am sad to say that you won't be seeing a post from me for about a week because.....I am heading to HAWAII for 7 whole days!!!!!! My parents, sister, Ryan and I are taking a much needed family vaca. Our good family friends are going with us too...its going to be so relaxing on the beach and hanging out with the fam in paradise!! We are staying in a beachfront condo on the island Kauai. I promise to take lots of pics and report back when we return!! Until then....

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missing Ryan

Well, this week I have been a Bachelorette...and now I am ready to have my husband come back home! Ryan has been in Boston all week at NCAA meetings for work and I have been here all by my lonesome...well not exactly...I had the pups to keep me company! Thank goodness for Bleu Belle and Jeter!! I have been keeping myself busy while he has been away. Monday Kim (lil sis) came over after work and we had breakfast for dinner!! Waffles with strawberries and cool whip..delish! We watched our shows, One Tree Hill...which was so great and Greek. Tuesday I went to dinner with Jen, sushi, LOVE IT! And did a little know me!! Yesterday I got my hair done and today I am heading out to the Trapp's for a little get together.

The week has gone by pretty fast, and I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and I get to see my Rich..I just love that man so much!

Friday, May 16, 2008

B-town for Mother's Day

Kim and I headed to Beaumont to celebrate Mother's Day. Ryan couldn't make it because he was traveling to Indiana with the track and tennis teams for the National Tournaments. So, lil sis and I drove the 5 hours to Beaumont the spend the weekend with Mom and Dad. We had such a great time eating my dad's delicious hamburgers out on the back patio and hanging with my grandparents. It was a much needed trip....especially since I hadn't been home since Christmas...I know...its so bad, but I have seen my parents since then! Kim and I took some pics to give my mom for Mother's Day...she loved them. Ryan was not very he isn't in many of the pics. Oh, I just love spending time with my family....I definitely cherish every moment and wish that time would stand still so we could be together always!!!

Fun with the Fam in Fred

Four wheeler fun
Mom, Kim and I at Torre di Pietra
Kim on the swing my dad made!

A couple weeks ago, Ryan, Kim, Bleu Belle, Jeter and I went to my parents ranch in Fredericksburg. They have bought 40 acres right near Luckenbock and its so much fun! We went to celebrate my mom's bday and work on the land. Well, Ryan and my dad did most of the work while the girls went shopping!! Ha!! We did help pull some dead branches out of trees by the swimming attacked me and I got a bad bruise on my arm! We had a blast, and the time went by way to fast! Here are just a few pics from the trip!

Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!!!

Hey guys....this is for all of you who are ESPECIALLY sick and tired of seeing Betty Crocker....Rachel and Ashley!! :) Don't you just LOVE my new header!??! My good friend Ashley Williams designed it for me...she's into this digital scrapbooking fun and has inspired me to start blogging again. Or really....just begin since I have only had 3 posts!!! Haha!! So, I am really going to do and update you with what is going on in the life of the Erwins since I know you all care so much!!

I am heading to Beaumont this weekend...haven't been home since that not RIDICULOUS?!?! I am super excited and will tell all about it on my next post!!! Until then.......