Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thanksgiving...way late!!!

 I'm back!! I know its been a VERY long time since the last post, but things in my life have been nuts!! Work was out of control busy and so has been everything else!! I'm sure you all can relate to that!! :) So, I am going to start with the holidays..way back to Thanksgiving and get everyone caught up on the Erwins!! For Thanksgiving we went to Beaumont and had dinner there with my family...then we headed to San Antonio for the weekend. We went to my parents land in Fredericksburg and hung out with our great family friends from Oklahoma. We had the best time shopping,eating, playing on the tractor and being with the family!! Kim and I ran the Turkey Trot to kick off the holiday the right way. It was only a 5k..but we were proud we accomplished it!! Here are a few pics from that weekend!!


Kimberly said...

Hi sis!! Love the post about the Holiday's. you need to get some Christmas ones up there before the ski trip..ha!